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Custom, funny & lovefull dog t-shirts

Welcome to – the online shop for dogshirts and other stuff around humans best friend!

Dogshirts and Dog T-shirts

Do you love your dog? Do you think your dog loves you? Why not show it with a Custom Shirts made for your and your best furry friend?

A dog is a man’s best friend. Everyone knows that by now. He’s always right at your side, no matter what life throws at you. He’s happy when you’re happy and he’ll comfort you when you are sad. He keeps you fit and healthy and shows you the beauty of the nature around you. He’ll bring you the stick even after the 12th time and he’ll rest his head on your belly when you’re sad. A dog isn’t merely an animal; he’s part of the family and a life without him wouldn’t be worth living.

Shirts for dogs

Dogshirts are the latest trend to show everyone how wonderful your best four legged friend really is. No matter if you have a “little princess” or a “guard dog” or maybe even a “couch potato” – tell the world with a funny shirt.
Dogshirts are also a fun way to show your dog is part of a gang. Why don’t you take a group photo of your dogs all dressed in the same shirt?

We offer dogshirts with funny prints or slogans and lots of different colors for every size and style, for every owner and his very best friend.

Shirts for dog lovers

Maybe your dog isn’t that much into wearing a shirt, but surely you are? Show who your heart belongs to and buy one of our Dog T-Shirts. There are so many options to choose from, you might need to get more than one.

No matter if you want to show everyone what kennel your dog belongs to or proudly tell the world you have adopted a poor soul into your home, you can say it with our custom shirts. Maybe you want to profess your love for your one and only best friend, or for the whole breed he belongs to. Funny slogans can tell other dog owners if your dog is up for play or might need his personal space without you having to tell them.
Dog T-Shirts with a photo of your pup will let everyone at the doggy playground know who belongs to you -or morel likely, to whom you belong!

Whith the holiday season coming up, how about matching Dog T-Shirts for your dog and the rest of your family to wear on your family Christmas card picture? After all, he is part of the family and everyone should know that.

No matter for which option you decide, you’ll surely end up looking fabulous with your pup and everyone will know just how much you and your best friend love each other.